The Adventures of a Boy Reporter

Published: 1900
Language: English
Wordcount: 49,803 / 140 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 76.4
LoC Category: PZ
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The story begins with a journey to Europe and ends with the reporter in the Philippines, where he has a series of experiences, including several with General Aguinaldo.

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e to stay at home all the rest of the summer."

"All right, then," said Mrs. Dunn. "You shall go on the first train Monday morning, and Uncle Henry will join you at Heddens Corner. Run along to bed now."

Archie went up-stairs almost dumb with delight Was it really true that he was to see the great city at last? He had heard some of the boys at school telling what their fathers saw there, but he had never even hoped that he would see it for himself so soon. Of course he had determined to see it all some day, but that was to be far in the future. The lad could hardly sleep for the joy of it all, and when he did finally lose consciousness, it was only to dream of streets of gold, and great buildings reaching to the skies.

Sunday passed slowly by. At Sunday school, Archie told the boys that be was going to New York on the morrow, and from that moment he was the hero of the class. The boys looked at him with wondering admiration, and seemed scarcely able to realise that one of their number was to go so far


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Leah A. Zeldes

This is one of those stories about a lucky fool.

Leaving his comfortable home and loving mother, country-bred Archie Dunn, 17, runs away to New York City to make his fortune. After some discouraging but predictable misadventures en route, his third day in the city brings him to the offices of the New York Enterprise. His account of his travels earns him a job there immediately.

Then he stumbles on a gambling house on Coney Island and is assigned to cover the subsequent police raid. Next, he's sent as a war correspondent to the Philippines, where his various acts of foolhardiness are acclaimed as heroism. (The narrative, by the way, is very biased against the Filipino insurgents and "their insane efforts to establish an independent government.")

The story plods along but everything Archie does proves that "a boy with honest ambition will always get along." Would that it were so!

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