The Esperantist, Vol. 1, No. 4

Published: 1904
Language: Esperanto
Wordcount: 13,525 / 49 pg
LoC Categories: AP, PM
Downloads: 895
Added to site: 2010.01.17 26352
Genres: Language, Periodical

am the only blamable member of the Club, as I have only assisted it by the ordinary daily propaganda. Nevertheless, I rejoice to state that not infrequently have I succeeded in enrolling recruits for our Cause from among the incredulous. Nobody can interest himself more than I about the purpose of our Club. From my childhood--now a very remote period--I have continually been seeking out means for making the various nations of the earth acquainted with one another, and to cause them to unite instead of hating and killing each other. The most powerful means for dispelling the darkness which surrounds us, the ever-powerful instrument for uniting the various nations of the earth, is the International Language.

Do not forget, then, dear fellow-thinkers and friends, that, in working for the cause of the international language, we are devoting ourselves to a blessed and a holy aim; we are striving for the happiness of future generations, and for the amelioration of the civilised world.

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