Published: 1902
Language: English
Wordcount: 81,347 / 228 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 66.5
LoC Category: PS
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"'Rockhaven' is another of these delightful books of home life in the country which is already having a wide sale. Everybody who likes the good old fashioned love story should read it."— The Cluk Woman.

"A charm of Mr. Munn's style is its simplicity. He writes about New England country life in the easy, pleasurable way that Samuel Lover, for instance, used to write about Irish life. He knows the Maine coast and the Maine folk, and he lets his reader into little stories about them that are full of good humor, while yet neither making fun of them nor patronizing them."—Providence News

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ped off the dock one night in a fit o' the jims 'n' that was the last o' him. It's hard to larn an old dog new tricks."

For an hour the little crowd of Jess Hutton's friends lingered, wondering and speculating on what the outcome of this investment in a granite ledge would be. To most it seemed a piece of folly or the act of a madman. These worthless rocks had stared them in the face so many years, had so interfered with house building, or the convenient placing of fish racks, or road making, that they had one and all come to hate their very sight. In their estimation they were a nuisance and a curse, and for any sane man to buy twenty acres of ledge to quarry and transport five hundred miles, seemed worse than folly.

Then, having given due expression to this common sentiment, and congratulating Jess upon his good luck, they shook hands with him and went their way. And when the sound of their footsteps upon the one narrow plank walk of Rockhaven had ceased, and only the murmur of the near-by oce

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