Earth Alert!

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Published: 1953
Language: English
Wordcount: 34,723 / 112 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 78.9
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 2,397
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ow I did it, I'm sure I can teach other people. I'm no different than they are; and I don't intend to be.

She went back to the bed and sat down and began to think.

And she discovered that she could remember the greater part of everything she'd ever read.


Calvin practiced teleportation for endless hours. He kept the metal ball Forential had given him in almost constant motion.

He would exclaim delightedly and hurl it toward one of the twenty-seven other mutants in his compartment. Until the time he hit John in the back of the head with it, his intended victims had always parried it. John lay in a pool of blood, and Calvin began to cry--loud, shrill wails of despair and contrition. When Forential came, he knew instinctively what had happened.

Calvin represented the only failure the aliens had experienced in their mutation program; ten years ago his mind had ceased to develop. But for Forential's intercession, the c


Average Rating of 3.7 from 3 reviews: ****
JoJo Biggins

If you value God's name, void this book.


This sci fi novel offers a different and creative approach to alien invasion of Earth. I enjoyed the book very much.

H. E. Parmer

Intriguing, suspenseful tale of aliens plotting to exterminate humankind, and the desperate plight of the young woman who discovers their plan on the eve of the invasion.

Too congenitally cowardly to risk their own precious hides, the aliens plan to use a group of humans whom they\'ve abducted and raised since birth, who\'ve been brainwashed into believing Earth people are monsters, to do their dirty work for them. These shock troops have also been genetically modified to allow them to tap into an alien power source which endows them with terrifying, superhuman abilities.

But this best-laid plan is about to go astray. Twenty years earlier, during the last rash of saucer sightings, the aliens somehow managed not to collect one of the mutant babies. A week before their planned invasion, they switch on the power to give their mutants a chance to practice with it, and an unsuspecting young Earth woman suddenly finds herself possessed of incredible powers.

With this gift also comes the knowledge of what the aliens have in store for the human race. Can she evade an assassin who can walk through walls and make himself invisible, who can read her thoughts and know where she is at any moment -- and somehow convince the authorities -- before it\'s too late to stop them?

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