The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

The Original Text of Nicolas Notovitch's 1887 Discovery

Published: 1890
Language: English
Wordcount: 37,906 / 117 pg
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Genre: Religion

sed to me that I should take away the whole cauldron, with its contents, assuring me that I had polluted the milk it contained! "I only want a glass of milk and not a kettle of it," I said to him.

"According to our laws," the merchant answered me, "if any one not belonging to our caste has fixed his eyes for a long time upon one of our cooking utensils, we have to wash that article thoroughly, and throw away the food it contains. You have polluted my milk and no one will drink any more of it, for not only were you not contented with fixing your eyes upon it, but you have even pointed to it with your finger."

I had indeed a long time examined his merchandise, to make sure that it was really milk, and had pointed with my finger, to the merchant, from which side I wished the milk poured out. Full of respect for the laws and customs of foreign peoples, I paid, without dispute, a rupee, the price of all the milk, which was poured in the street, though I had taken only one glass of it. This was a less


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Delano Davey-Bey

Please note that there are 18 years of Jesus\' life missing from the bible. These years are most important that they are his developmental years. Those of his land couldn\'t of chronicled his life during this period because he was not among them. This issue needs to be looked into and an unbiased, objective view of this book may be well a start. Peace and divine love.

Marie Bruemmer

This starts with a nice travelogue through Kashmir, and Tibet. The author was told at one of the Buddhist monasteries in Kashmir about Issa (Jesus Christ). He then tells you the verses about him, but he follows up with his explanations and it is hard to tell where the verses leave off and his commentary begins. It was certainly different than anything I had heard about Jesus. (The basic premise is that Jesus spent his teenage years in India teaching among the poor.)It was certainly intriguing. But believable? Maybe not.

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