The Fundamental Principles of Old and New World Civilizations

A Comparative Research Based on a Study of the Ancient Mexican Religious, Sociological, and Calendrical Systems.

Author: Zelia Nuttall
Published: 1901
Language: English
Wordcount: 245,822 / 760 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 53.7
LoC Categories: HT, F
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Genre: History

esented with one foot only. The circumstances under which he had been deprived of this member are set forth in several of the Codices wherein we see that, after he "descended to the water," he had an encounter with an alligator, who had viciously bitten off his foot and carried it away. (See Féjérvary Codex, pp. 3 and 74. Vatican, II, p. 74.) Pictures representing Tezcatlipoca, after this event, display the broken end of the tibia exposed and the transverse section of the bone forming a ring, usually painted either white or red. Special pains seem to have been taken to accentuate the hollowness of the bone ring, since its centre is usually painted blue, the symbolical color of air, and conventionalized puffs of breath or air are shown as issuing from it (fig. 1). In some cases, as on the sculptured monolith called "the Stone of Tizoc," these symbols of breath, issuing from the broken tibia, are figured in such a way that modern writers, ignoring what they were meant to represent, were led to ide


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Greg Homer

The great Zelia Nuttall spent 760 pages explaining what she might have condensed into one half of a page:

To wit:
1. Eat slowly.
2. Never make extended eye contact with a crazy person.
3. Most people are almost crazy; almost most people are crazy.
4. 'Cool' is whatever people 19-24 are doing.
5. Being a bad example for your children isn't necessarily a bad thing.
7. It's better to get too much sleep than too little sleep.
8. Never envy anyone.
9. Girls love a guy who's a good dancer.
10. Showing up is 75% of any job.

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