The Rustler of Wind River

Author: George W. Ogden
Published: 1917
Language: English
Wordcount: 79,635 / 229 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 54.2
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 1,621
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Genre: Western

An exciting tale of the attempts of the unscrupulous cattlemen to drive the homesteader from their holdings and leave the land free for grazing. Alan Macdonald leads the homesteaders in their defense and, after many misunderstandings and unjust accusations clears his love story as well.

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of refinement, but there were no gentlemanly diversions at which an officer could dispel the gloom of his sour days in garrison.

The rough-cheeked girls of that high-wind country were well enough for cowboys to swing in their wild dances; just a rung above the squaws on the reservation in the matter of loquacity and of gum. Hardly the sort for a man who had the memory of white gloves and gleaming shoulders, and the traditions of the service to maintain.

Of course there was the exception of Nola Chadron, but she was not of Meander and the railroad's end, and she came only in flashes of summer brightness, like a swift, gay bird. But when Nola was at the ranchhouse on the river the gloom lifted over the post, and the sour leaven in the hearts of unmarried officers became as sweet as manna in the cheer of the unusual social outlet thus provided.

Nola kept the big house in a blaze of joy while she nested there through the summer days. The sixteen miles which stretched between it and the post r


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A strong man stands up to a ruthless cattle baron.

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