Friend Mac Donald

Author: Max O'Rell (Léon Paul Blouet)
Published: 1887
Language: English
Wordcount: 43,885 / 134 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 67.2
LoC Category: PQ
Downloads: 539
Added to site: 2010.10.26 29369
Genres: Humor, Travel

"Friend Mac Donald has everything to recommend its eccentricities ... a Gallic Mark Twain in originality and piquant humour."Leeds Mercury.

"Max O'Rell hits off the respective national characters of the Scotch and English most happily."Globe.

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ebrated wit.

All in vain did Scotland produce Smollett, Robert Burns, Walter Scott, and Thomas Carlyle, in the eyes of the English, the Scotchman has remained the personification of slow-wittedness--a poor fellow incapable of making much beyond prayers and money, and the Londoner who has never travelled--the poor Cockney who still firmly believes that the French are feeble creatures, living on snails and frogs--this Londoner, the most stupid animal in the world (after the Paris badaud, perhaps), goes about repeating to all who will listen to such nonsense:

"Dull and heavy as a Scotchman!"

Give a few minutes' start to a hoax, and you will never be able to overtake it.

To tell the truth, the wit of, I will not say, an Englishman, but a Cockney, is not within the reach of the Scot. Jokes, play upon words, and bantering are not in his line. A pun will floor him completely; but I hope to be able to prove, by means of a few anecdotes, that Donald has real wit, and humour above a

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