The Bread Line

A Story of a Paper

Published: 1899
Language: English
Wordcount: 38,275 / 114 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 82
LoC Categories: PS, Z
Downloads: 420
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A book which should be enjoyed byevery one who has had anything to do with the starting or the maintaining of a newspaper or a magazine, and which may be recommended very strongly to every one who has in mind the idea of starting a publication of any kind. It is the story of the attempt of four Bohemians, two writers and two artists, to establish a weekly paper, which in the book is known as The Whole Family. The four have knocked about a good deal in the literary life of New York, their daily work has brought them into contact with publishers and editors, and they have evolved a scheme for a weekly which they believe will result in popularity and financial success.

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nd went over and said they might give it to him. They did it. He didn't have a dollar.

"He had some good clothes, though, and he put them on. He put on the best he had, and he went over to the printers. The 'Voice' owed them a good bill, and they were glad to hear the paper had changed hands. Their account couldn't get any worse, and Frisby's clothes and manner indicated that it might become better. He told them he contemplated getting out at once a special edition of a million copies. He intimated that if they couldn't handle such a number of papers he would be obliged to arrange for them elsewhere. They almost hugged Frisby's knees to keep him from going. He didn't have a dollar--not a dollar.

"Then he went across to an advertising agency and engaged a page in the 'Great Home Monthly' and a page in the biggest Sunday-school paper in the world. He asked them the discount for cash, and their special figures to compare with those of other agencies. They looked at his good clothes and sized up his

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