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Autobiography of a Yogi

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Published: 1946
Language: English
Wordcount: 156,193 / 472 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 66.9
LoC Category: BL
Downloads: 86,710 5429
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This life story of Yogananda was instrumental in introducing meditation and yoga to the West. It includes Yogananda's and Sri Yukteswar's attempts to explain certain verses and events of the Bible such as the Garden of Eden story, and descriptions of Yogananda's encounters with Therese Neumann, Mohandas Gandhi, and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

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ount. He thought so little about it that he overlooked any mention to the family. Much later he was questioned by my youngest brother Bishnu, who noticed the large deposit on a bank statement.

"Why be elated by material profit?" Father replied. "The one who pursues a goal of evenmindedness is neither jubilant with gain nor depressed by loss. He knows that man arrives penniless in this world, and departs without a single rupee."

[Illustration: MY FATHER, Bhagabati Charan Ghosh, A Disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya--see father1.jpg]

Early in their married life, my parents became disciples of a great master, Lahiri Mahasaya of Benares. This contact strengthened Father's naturally ascetical temperament. Mother made a remarkable admission to my eldest sister Roma: "Your father and myself live together as man and wife only once a year, for the purpose of having children."

Father first met Lahiri Mahasaya through Abinash Babu, {FN1-8} an employee in the Gorakhpur office of the Bengal-Nagpur Rail

Reader Reviews

Average Rating of 4.6 from 26 reviews: *****

An extremely powerful and inspiring book that assures & convinces the reader about God's existence and presence and accessibility.God is not a distant being to be feared but a loving entity,we can reach,if we try. Paramahansa Yogananda's sense of humor makes the book immensely readable and the entire period of my reading the book has been a superb experience,I felt I was in touch with Divinity.

jaswant singh

i have original edition on babaji book , sign by him ,published in india
at 1946 . anyone interested.


Swamiji\'s biography is life changing book. I first read it at the age of fourteen and till date distributed so many copies to the seekers of God. It\'s a bright shining light house for the boats travelling in the darkest night. Millions of Pram
Names tone loved Swamiji- Anand


A good book for those who seek for self realization and final destination of Soul

Sam Salter

Although the author's life took place within a "Hindu" milieu, this work is not about "Hinduism." Neither is it a technical manual of darsana or yoga. There is none of the hairsplitting semantics of the pedants, as such becomes irrelevant when the seeker climbs to the level of mysticism. It is about spirituality as encountered by the author in his life. This is one of the great spiritual masterpieces in human history. The life and inspiration of Paramhansa Swami Yogānanda Giri are best read in the first edition, 1946, because later editions have been altered by people of lesser understanding (who think they are better than the author).


This is a very nice book everyone should read and can understand. People like Steve Peters has no rights to talk anything about this book without reading and without knowing about this book. Read it once completely and then tell. Don't be like frog inside a well.

Hal Ivie

Autobiography of a Yogi was the first book on my way and Yogananda was my first teacher whose name I knew. I have been a devote follower of Jesus Christ through the teachings of His Holy Roman Catholic Church since my adult conversion nearly forty years ago. Tonight, when I saw Yoananda's picture here on his book, I felt an old and dear friend had just said hello. Peace be with you Dear Teacher and friend.


I have not read such a nice reading before. a wonderful experience.


A peerless introduction to yoga-spirituality that also unlimitedly reveals new layers of wisdom with each reading over the years, when combined with the daily practice of meditation that Yogananda stressed.

Yogananda's masterful use of language conveys, in turns, his humour and sublime insights with delightful immediacy.

Ashwani Awasthi

Heavenly, a must read for everyone to understand the essence of Life.


I love that \'Steve Peters\' has no idea of what he is talking about. God Bless - may you gain wisdom in your life my dear, and not walk around proving that empty vessels do make the most noise..

This book has been life changing for me.. and for all those who actually understand it.. Thank you :)


This book is a true masterpiece. I have read it about twenty times, and each time I start reading it anew, there is something new that I had not noticed before. Yogananda said that this book would be his ambassador after he is gone - and it truly is. It is my opinion that this book will soon outsell the Bible. It has the power to foster brotherhood among the nations.

Steve Peters

Oh dear, well I am going to go against popular opinion here - but "Satya" (honesty) must come before popularity. I find this book to be an extremely simplified understanding of Yoga and an even simpler understanding of the relationship between the west and the east. Indeed at times the book is extraordinarily tedious. To my mind the author appears to be confused as to what and where his religion is. Hinduism is extremely different from Christianity - the are both good in a general sense and just as useful as the other - but there is little need to attempt a melding of the two. I should hasten to add that Yoga is not - nor should it be - a complex concept, nor does it lie solely in the environs of Hinduism - but it cannot be so simplified that it can be melded with western concepts as easily as Yogananda attempts it.

My best rating is that if you must read this book, do so only after you have actually read Gandhi's autobiography - so you can actually get an understanding of the relationship Mohandas (in many ways a great Yogi) had with the Hind-i's, Tamils, Gujarati, Moslem, Protestants, and Christians - this will assist you to understand the lack of similarity (other than the most general concepts) between these religions and allow you to filter the good from the guff in this current book.


From last ten years i read this book so many times and every time I found new sweetness
When I was searching the ultimate truth(Brahma jidhnyasa) then this book introduces me the new world.
Personally I take the experience that if some one is real thirsty (mumuxhu) BABAJI will arrange the water for him!!
Reading of this book is not just co incidence…….our accumulated karmas (sanchit karmas)push to read this book!!!
May BABAJI bless all…..hariommm

B. V. Ramadas

An excellant book. To be read by every one. Astonshing and amazing facts. Helps in understanding the Hinduism and its divinity.


This book is a must read for anybody who wishes to plant their footsteps in the path of understanding Hinduism.


indeed it is bible for me

Samantha Sankar

truely an amazing book...many of life's lessons to be learnt...

Definitely the best book i have ever read. Gives you an insight of rich indian saint lineage and their lives. Has totally changed my thought process and anybody can feel positive vibrations as he starts reading this holy book provided he has that devotion and love for all.

Whoever has read this book is blessed. The thinking is heavily influenced after reading this book. Must for all.


great book.....must for all

Sergej E.

really wonderful!

Kenneth James

very interesting book, gives a lot of insight in the indian way of life..
I Highly recommend it.

WaSalaam Aleikum

Suresh Sharma

The book which has solution of many
complex thoughts comes in mind,
easy explanation whihc proves author's
brilliance and command on vocabulary.

Simply Brilliant .

Murali Krishna

A must read for everyone...very very very very very very highly recommended. Please read this and follow the simple language of Sri Paramahansa Yogananda towards eternal bliss


A Masterpiece rare and Unique..



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