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y, and when they had heard the whole story how they all laughed at Swanki and Tiki!

And glad, indeed, were those two Piccaninnies to sit down to a delicious tea of fern root, young nikau, and assorted berries, and never again did any one hear Swanki complain of just "berries--berries--berries--roots--roots--roots."


[Illustration: " ... he rocked himself to sleep among the pretty little starry flowers."]


One of the Piccaninnies had a horrid adventure one day. He had heard a tui that morning singing in the Bush, and had made up his mind to speak to it, because he was sulking with the other Piccaninnies.

You know they say a tui can be made to talk, but it's hard to get near enough to one to find out, but perhaps if you did get close and surprised it, it would be so mad at you that it would answer back.

The Piccaninny followed his tui up and up, but it flitted from tree top to tree top, and he could hear it tolling a bell


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Lisa Carr

It's a children's book, the stories of elvish creatures who live in the forests of New Zealand. The stories are sweet, some of them rhyme.
Unfortunately, their name is offensive in the States, and probably elsewhere. To a child who has no knowledge of the word, the stories would be fine, but there is so much baggage on the word that it's hard for an adult to read the book.

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