The Forme of Cury

A Roll of Ancient English Cookery Compiled, about A.D. 1390

Author: Samuel Pegge
Published: 1390
Language: Latin
Wordcount: 41,130 / 139 pg
LoC Category: D
Downloads: 2,706 5535
Genres: Cooking, History

(Latin and Middle English)

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lso used for colouring [61], and mulberries [62]; amydon makes white, 68; and turnesole [63] pownas there, but what this colour is the Editor professes not to know, unless it be intended for another kind of yellow, and we should read _jownas_, for _jaulnas_, orange-tawney. It was for the purpose of gratifying the sight that sotiltees were introduced at the more solemn feasts. Rabelais has comfits of an hundred colours.

Cury, as was remarked above, was ever reckoned a branch of the Art Medical; and here I add, that the verb curare signifies equally to dress victuals [64], as to cure a distemper; that every body has heard of _Doctor Diet, kitchen physick_, &c. while a numerous band of medical authors have written _de cibis et alimentis_, and have always classed diet among the _non-naturals_; so they call them, but with what propriety they best know. Hence Junius '[Greek: Diaita] Gręcis est victus, ac speciatim certa victus ratio, qualis a Medicis ad tuendam valetudinem


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I can really recommend this book to anyone interested in history middle English or cooking.

The characters display correctly on epub there is a hypertext contents for easy finding and notes on archaic(old) words. Read it out aloud v=u. Some of the dishes actually sound quite tasty.

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