Dan Merrithew

Author: Lawrence Perry
Published: 1910
Language: English
Wordcount: 52,780 / 156 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 75.4
LoC Category: PN
Downloads: 1,050
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mnybks.net#: 158
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An athletic schoolboy losing family and fortune takes to the sea and rises from tugboatman to superintendent of a merchant fleet through an astounding series of adventures.

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d under the Brooklyn Bridge span at Dover Street and turned into South, where Christmas Eve is so joyous, in its way. The way on this particular evening was in no place more clearly interpreted than Red Murphy's resort, where the guild of Battery rowboatmen, who meet steamships in their Whitehall boats and carry their hawsers to longshoremen waiting to make them fast to the pier bitts, congregate and have their social being.

Here, on this day, the wealthy towboat-owners and captains are wont to distribute their largess to the boatmen as a mark of appreciation for favors rendered,--a suggestion that future favors are expected,--and here, also, punch of exalted brew is concocted and drunk.

An occasional flurry of snow swept down the street as Dan reached the entrance. Murphy was out on the sidewalk directing the adornment of his doorway with several faded evergreen wreaths, while inside, the boatmen gathered closer around the genial potstove and were not sorry that ice-bound rivers and harbor had


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Another of those tales with a hero who\'s simply too good to be true. The story is saved, though, by the fact that this particular hero trails bad luck after himself like a personal black cloud, similar to Joe Btfsplk. Plenty of action and excitement.

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