Diet and Health

With Key to the Calories

Published: 1918
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A breezy but practical message to the countless persons who want either to reduce or increase their weight.

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uld be answered. To get the full benefit, Little Book must be studied, for it is the only authorized textbook of the "Watch Your Weights."


Key to the Calories

Some one page the thin? They come back here.

[Sidenote: Don't Skip This]

Definition to learn:

CALORIE; symbol C.; a heat unit and food value unit; is that amount of heat necessary to raise one pound of water 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

[Sidenote: Pronounced Kal'-o-ri]

There is a good deal of effort expended by many semi-educated individuals to discredit the knowledge of calories, saying that it is a foolish food science, a fallacy, a fetish, and so forth.

They reason, or rather say, that because there are no calories in some of the very vital elements of foods--the vitamines and the mineral salts--therefore it is not necessary to know about them. They further argue that their grandfathers never heard of calories and they got along all right. That grandfather argument


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We spend thousands of dollars a year on weight loss books and remedies, and here in this little book published in 1918 we have the plain and simple truth--

"For harken, food and only food (sometimes plus alcohol) makes fat. Not water--not air--verlily nothing but food makes fat!"

Though some of the advice given like "it is okay to skip breakfast," is questionable, on the whole, this is a well written guide providing caloric tables, menus, formulas for determining daily caloric needs and discussions on the importance of being active. It is also midly humourous and reminds us that to be thin is "patriotic" for "FOOD WILL WIN THE WAR!" An excellent read.

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