The White Feather Hex

Author: Don Peterson
Published: 1951
Language: English
Wordcount: 5,942 / 24 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 81.7
LoC Category: PN
Downloads: 950
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rd of cases in which the hex, once it was started, dragged on for many days."

"I see." Mirestone sat back again thinking to himself.

Peter didn't like this. He wanted to get rid of Mirestone. "Well, you have your information. I showed you how the hex works. So, why not pay me and leave?"

Mirestone got up and laughed in the Dutchman's face. Crossing to the larder, he brought down a bottle, cracking the neck on the beam above, just as he had done the night before. A wave of apprehension overcame Peter as he realized the old flip attitude of Mirestone's was coming back. That meant definite trouble, and Peter began to fear the consequences.

"So, why not pay me and leave?" he again ventured. "Or do you want something else?" Peter knew that he didn't need to ask that last question, for already he realized the grim experiment that was playing about in Mirestone's head.

"Yes. I just told you what I wanted. I want to see the hex on a human before I go."

"Why? You have your inf


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Sardo Weems

Good little horror/witchcraft story about a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer who gets a visit from German history researcher who is interested in old stories (and more) of hexes and curses. The farmer knows a few things, and shows him.

Good characters, tense, fast-moving plot.

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