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Published: 1956
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If matter transference really works—neanderthalers can pop up anywhere. And that’s very hard on politicians!

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tely the similarity is not in name alone: I'm muscular, stooped, and, I must admit, not handsome hero model material.

Well, maybe the nickname's justified, but still, Al Benson didn't have to give the crowning insult. And yet, if he hadn't, there probably wouldn't be a torchship stern-ending on Mars just about now.

C. I. (Central Intelligence, that is) at the Sands figured Benson would head for New York. Which is why the boss sent me here. I registered in a hotel in the 50's and, figuring that whatever Benson intended to do would have spectacular results, I kept the stereo on News.

Benson's wife hadn't yielded much info. Sure she described the clothes he was wearing and said he'd taken nothing else except an artist's case. What was in that was anybody's guess; his private lab is such a jumble nobody could tell what, if anything, was missing.

C. I. knew his political feelings. Seems he'd been talking wild about the upcoming presidential election and had sworn he'd nip the draft-Cadigan movement in


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Lisa Carr

A cute little story about the search for a renegade scientist who had been working on miniaturizing fuel for use in space flights. It takes place in a future when teleportation is common. The scientist uses his knowledge to prank politicians.

It was probably clever 60 years ago.

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