Mystery and Confidence Vol. 1

A Tale

Published: 1814
Language: English
Wordcount: 37,135 / 111 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 61.7
LoC Category: PN
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ral taste, and in a very pleasing manner. Mordaunt escorted the girls to Llanwyllan Farm, where he was immediately recognized by Powis, who, hearing from his daughter the attention he had shewn to her and Joanna, was cordial in his acknowledgments, and insisted on the traveller partaking their supper. Mordaunt could not refuse; and it was accordingly spread, not as usual in the porch, the late storm having left a dampness in the air, but in a large hall, the farm-house having formerly been a capital mansion.

Joanna and Ellen, having hastily changed their wet garments, soon joined them; and this little party sat down to supper pleased with each other, and without any of that cold formality which strangers so generally feel; confiding hospitality on the one hand, and something, at least, very like good breeding, on the other, rendering them all easy and pleasant to themselves, and to each other.

During this little repast, though no ill-timed curiosity demanded the explanation, Mordaunt thought pro


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I admittedly couldn't finish this, so things might have picked up after the first third. The time spent describing and dealing with period practices regarding the education of girls (i.e. most men and women felt they shouldn't receive any beyond household tasks) and other repressive 19th century attitudes got to be too much for an enjoyable read. The core romantic story isn't bad, although probably best suited for younger girls (who may also raise their awareness of past gender issues) rather than a general audience.

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