Uller Uprising

Author: H. Beam Piper
Published: 1952
Language: English
Wordcount: 54,668 / 169 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 63.8
LoC Category: PS
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The story of a confrontation between a human overlord and alien servants, with an ironic twist at the end. Like most of Piper's best work, Uller Uprising is modeled after an actual event in human history; in this case the Sepoy Mutiny -- though not a mere retelling of the Indian Mutiny, but rather an analysis of an historical event applied to a similar situation in the far future.

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"Sad for both of us, King Jonkvank; we must help one another. I am told that your soldiers in Krink have risen against you, and that your loyal troops are far from the city."

"Yes. That was the work of my War Minister, Hurkkurk, who was in the pay of King Firkked of Skilk, may Jeels devour him alive! I have Hurkkurk's head here somewhere, if you want to see it, but that will not bring my loyal soldiers to Krink any sooner."

"Dead traitors' heads do not interest me, King Jonkvank," von Schlichten replied, in what he estimated that the Krinkan king would interpret as a tone of cold-blooded cruelty. "There are too many traitors' heads still on traitors' shoulders.... What regiments are loyal to you, and where are they now?"

Jonkvank began naming regiments and locating them, all at minor provincial towns at least a hundred miles from Krink.

"Hurkkurk did his work well; I'm afraid you killed him too mercifully," von Schlichten said. "Well, I'm sending the Northern Star to Krink. She can only


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No, it's not a satire. It's Piper retelling the Sepoy Rebellion in India as SF. It originally was written for an anthology where the focus was silicon based life forms. It's not terrible, but it's not classic SF, either. Try Piper's "Little Fuzzy" instead.


Is this thing a satire? If it is, I don't get what it's satirizing. If it's not a satire, then it's just terrible.

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