Wild Wings

A Romance of Youth

Published: 1921
Language: English
Wordcount: 125,598 / 347 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 62
LoC Category: PN
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Genre: Romance

In this "story of youth for grown-ups," the vigorous, happy Holiday youngsters who lived in the "House on the Hill" develop into keen, lovable young people, thoroughly worth knowing. To Tony as brilliant and beautiful as a girl can wel be and still be human, comes a successful theatrical career on Broadway, and a great love, and Larry grows into the industrious, reliant young doctor that one would expect him to be. As the charming characters work their way out of problems which face all young people of buoyant spirits and ambitions, Wild Wings gives a definite message as to the happiest relationship between old and young.

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or exchanged cordial greetings, the latter's friendly eyes challenged the young man's and were answered. Plainly as if words had been spoken the doctor knew that Dick was keeping faith with the old pact, living up to the name the little girl Tony had given him in her impulsive generosity.

"Something not quite right, though," he thought. "The boy isn't all happy. Wonder what the trouble is. Probably a girl. Usually is at that age."

At the wheel beside the doctor was his namesake and neighbor, Philip Lambert. Phil was graduating, himself, this year from the college across the river, a sturdy athlete of some note and a Phi Beta Kappa man as well. Out of a harum-scarum, willful boyhood he had emerged into a finely tempered, steady young manhood. The Dunbury wiseacres who had been wont to shake their heads over Phil's youthful escapades and prophesy a bad end for such a devil-may-care youngster now patted themselves complacently on the back, as wiseacres will, and declared they had always known the boy would

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