The Green Beret

Published: 1961
Language: English
Wordcount: 5,609 / 24 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 86.8
LoC Category: U
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It's not so much the decisions a man does make that mark him as a Man--but the ones he refrains from making. Like the decision "I've had enough!"

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e felt the shock wave. He got up, ran panicky, crouched, and dove behind the chair.

An inspector cracked the valve on a smoke grenade. A white fog spread through the building. They could see anyone who tried to rush them but the besiegers couldn't pick out targets.

Above the noise, he heard Rashid.

"I'm calling South Africa Station for a copter. It's the only way out of here. Until it comes, we've got to hold them back."

Read thought of the green beret he had stuffed in his pocket that morning. He stuck it on his head and cocked it. He didn't need plain clothes anymore and he wanted to wear at least a part of his uniform.

Bullets had completely shattered the wall in front of him. He stared through the murk, across the broken glass. He was Corporal Harry Read, UN Inspector Corps--a very special man. If he didn't do a good job here, he wasn't the man he claimed to be. This might be the only real test he would ever face.

* * * * *

He heard a shout in rapid French.


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Paulo Respighi

The dictator of a minor African country has expanded his army beyond what international treaties permit, and the U.N. sends in a team to arrest the dictator and bring him to the World Court for trial. This is the story of the commando raid that snatched the dictator.

A pretty good story, despite the U.N. not becoming a world government, and the flying cars, and the berets are actually blue. The narrator is black, his sergeant is Arab, the characterizations are good, and the plot has you guessing until the end.

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