Men of Iron

Author: Howard Pyle
Published: 1891
Language: English
Wordcount: 67,889 / 193 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 70.5
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 2,305 5791

Experience the medieval entry into knighthood through the eyes of a young squire, Myles Falworth. This novel was the basis of the screenplay for The Black Shield of Falworth (1954).

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it all that frightened Myles, who crept to his father's side, and slid his little hand into the palm that hung limp and inert. In answer to the touch, his father grasped the hand tightly, but did not seem otherwise to notice that he was there. Neither did the black knight pay any attention to him, but continued putting his questions to Master Robert.

Then, suddenly, there was a commotion in the hall without, loud voices, and a hurrying here and there. The black knight half arose, grasping a heavy iron mace that lay upon the bench beside him, and the next moment Sir John Dale himself, as pale as death, walked into the antechamber. He stopped in the very middle of the room. "I yield me to my Lord's grace and mercy," said he to the black knight, and they were the last words he ever uttered in this world.

The black knight shouted out some words of command, and swinging up the iron mace in his hand, strode forward clanking towards Sir John, who raised his arm as though to shield himself from the blow


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Yes this is a great book. The review before describes it well.

David Cole

I loved this book as a kid. A little easier read than Ivanhoe but all the same sort of knights and adventure tales. Sadly, the link to this one appears to be broken.

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