German Moonlight

Author: Wilhelm Raabe
Language: English
Wordcount: 8,254 / 29 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 72.3
LoC Category: PT
Downloads: 660
Added to site: 2010.04.16 27371
Genre: Short Story

Translated by Michael Wooff.

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a, now he grasped the glass in front of him, knocked back the hot, steaming mixture therein in one long swig and hissed through his teeth: "It's quite true nevertheless. I hate the moon. It's my deadliest enemy and I am eclipsed by it as it is eclipsed itself by that paraffin lamp swinging above us." I waved to the waitress, who understood my wave and put another steaming glass down right under my colleague's nose. "Thank you," said the judge. "And I have you to thank as well for, had I not fallen into the arms of yourself and your umbrella, I really don't know what would have become of me on that shadowless beach." "Colleague," I said, "I am a law-abiding man and have attended to my official duties for many years now to the satisfaction of my official subordinates and the powers that be. I keep my medal for services rendered at home in a filing cabinet and have never knowingly divulged any secret confided in me, scout's honour. Would you take it amiss, colleague, if I asked you to tell me how you came to qua


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Lisa Carr

An ornate, somewhat obscure story of a lawyer at an oceanside spa who runs into a judge he knows while the judge is running away from the full moon. The judge explains why the moon is his enemy, and the lawyer seems to get it, but none of it made any sense to me.
The sentences are very long and complicated, and the paragraphs run on for 3-4 pages each. It's quite a slog.

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