Holes, Incorporated

Published: 1952
Language: English
Wordcount: 2,983 / 16 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 60.6
LoC Category: PZ
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Would you like to see all hell break loose? Just make a few holes in nothing at all—push some steel beams through the holes—and then head for the hills. But first, read what happened to some people who really did it.

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"To see H. Joshua Blair. We have an appointment."

"It's for three-thirty. We called up two weeks ago."

The secretary said, "Oh, yes. I have you on the list." She checked them off, studied them vaguely, asked, "What was it you wanted to see Mr. Blair about?"

Ted Baker held out the small steel box he was carrying. "About this."

"Ah--what is it?"

"It's a box."

"I can see that," the redhead snapped. "What is it for? What does it do?"

"It's for construction work. It makes holes."

The girl sighed. It was late in the day and she didn't care much, really. She snapped an intercom button. An inquiring voice rasped at her. She said, "A Mr. Baker an


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Average Rating of 3.7 from 3 reviews: ****
JoJo Biggins

A simpleton kind of story with a fairly childish ending. It's short, and worth the read, but don't expect too much.

Paulo Respighi

A couple of inventors approach a building contractor with their new invention: a device that makes a hole into the 4th (physical) dimension, allowing anything to be permanently anchored there.

A good little fable about business greed and the hazards of intruding in someone's dimension without asking.


Enjoyable short story despite the action comes in rushes and seems to be missing a part somewhere along the line.
Not lacking irony, it is definitively worth reading and will make you pnder on the way both our acts and othe people's have consequences we sometimes can not imagine... for better or worse.

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