The Indifference of Juliet

Published: 1902
Language: English
Wordcount: 56,019 / 166 pg
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A bright and charming young couple are happy -- until money intrudes.

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looking fixedly at the door by which she had gone. The smile with which he had answered her gay fling had faded; his eyes had grown dark with a singular fire; his hands were clenched. Suddenly he strode across the floor and stopped by the door. He was looking down at the quaint old latch which served instead of a knob. Then, with a glance at the unconscious back of Mrs. Dingley, sitting sleepily on the little porch outside, he stooped and pressed his lips upon the iron where Juliet's hand had lain.


"Five hundred dollars," mused Miss Marcy, on the Boston train next morning. "Six rooms--living-room, dining-room, kitchen, and three bedrooms. That's----"

"You forget," warned Anthony Robeson from the seat where he faced Juliet and Mrs. Dingley. "That must cover the outside painting and repairs. You can't figure on having more than three hundred dollars left for the inside."

"Dear me, yes," frowned Juliet. She held Anthony's plan in her hand, and her t


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Leah A. Zeldes

Juliet is by no means indifferent. She is disgustingly perfect. Having left wealth behind to marry a poor, but rising man, she becomes the perfect, economical homemaker.

The story takes pains to point out the difference a cheerful, skillful housewife can make to her husband, and how she can be fulfilled through making him a delightful home on pennies -- in contrast to her discontented friend who hasn't the knack or the inclination. What a piece of anti-feminist propaganda!


The story of Juliet and Anthony and their love.

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