Barbara Ladd

Published: 1902
Language: English
Wordcount: 84,790 / 250 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 76.7
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The romance opens with the flight of Barbara (then a eirl of fourteen) by night through the woods to a little lake and down the river in her birch-bark canoe with her little kittens, to escape from the Puritan rigidities of a New England aunt, and' throw herself upon the protection of a wild young southern uncle, who has always been her chum, and who understands her gypsy caprices. There is said to be fighting galore, and dancing in Boston and flirting everywhere, with a really novel form of duel, and a daring feat in swimming accomplished by the sweet gypsy, Mistress Barbara Ladd.

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stick that leaned against the door-post, and hobbled with a heavy briskness down the path to meet the visitor. The yellow pup frisked interestedly at her heels.

Barbara had indeed run her prow ashore, but that was for the sake of stability merely. She was in haste, and had no idea of stopping now to indulge her inclination for a gossip with old Debby. She rested in silence, one brown hand on the gunwale of the punt, her full, young, wilful lips very scarlet, her gray-green eyes asparkle with mystery and excitement, as the old woman hobbled down to greet her.

"Ain't ye comin' in to set awhile, an' eat a cooky, Miss Barby?" inquired Mrs. Blue, wondering at the child's inscrutable look. The old dame's face was red and harsh and strongly lined. Her chin was square and thrust forward aggressively, with a gray-bristled wart at one side of its obtrusive vigour. A lean and iron-gray wisp of hair, escaped from under her hat, straggled down upon her red neck. But her shrewd, hard, pale-blue, dauntless ol


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Taking place in the late 1700ís, the story is a romance following a young girl as she matured to womanhood and how she came to true love with the boy that loved her, despite their significant differences. Charles G D Roberts love for nature is obvious in his rich descriptions that have me longing to be relaxing on a calm river in the woods. I also enjoyed the behind the scene view of the revolution war without dragging me into the battle as a war book might.

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