The Grain Ship

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The Grain Ship
From The Darkness And The Depths
Noah's Ark
The Finishing Touch
The Rock
The Argonauts
The Married Man
The Triple Alliance
Shovels And Bricks
Extracts From Noah's Log

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ship, or handling canvas, and he would bark and yelp and swear at us, bossing each job as though he knew all about it. It kept the men good-humored, and we all liked the little beast. But from the time of the licking he moped, and finally grew sick, slinking around the deck in a dispirited fashion, refusing any attention, and unwilling to remain a minute in one place. We felt rather sore at the skipper, who seemed ashamed now and anxious to make friends with the dog, for the little bite in his thumb had healed up. This went on for a few days, and then we woke up to what really ailed that dog. He was racing around decks one morning with his tongue hanging out, froth dropping from his mouth, and agonized yelps and whines coming from him.

"'My God!' cried the skipper, 'Now I know. He was bitten in 'Frisco. He is mad, and he has bitten me. Keep away from him everybody. Don't let him get near you.'

"I'll always count that in the skipper's favor. Bitten and doomed himself, he thought of others.


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Great book. The sea and seamen are a common theme otherwise every story is unique and entertaining. Loved Noah's Ark.


Very entertaining collection of nautical horror and adventure stories.

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