Fly the Rain

Published: 2008
Language: English
Wordcount: 35,826 / 105 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 96.2
LoC Category: PS
Series: Greg Tenorly
Downloads: 2,948
Added to site: 2008.09.30 22174
License: by-nc-nd

When Greg Tenorly gets an invitation to his dad's 75th birthday party, Cynthia convinces him to go, and to use the occasion to finally make things right with his estranged father.But the war of words Greg is dreading becomes the least of his worries after he and his family cross paths with a cold-blooded killer.

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every year. But that was his dad's success. Billy-Eye wanted to build a business of his own--from the ground up.

Judy delivered a fresh plate of biscuits. "What will you boys be having this morning? The usual?"

Before either of them could speak, Billy-Eye said, "They're too late for a regular breakfast, Judy. They'll just be having biscuits and coffee. Thanks."

"Look, Boys, we're opening next Friday night, and we're nowhere near ready. Craig, I need you to take the truck over to Beaumont and pick up the popcorn machines and those other three arcade games."

"I doubt either one of them are open on Saturday."

"Well, if not, you can help Lenny with the plumbing. We've still got three new toilets to install in the men's bathroom."

Craig frowned. "Can't you just hire a plumber to do that?"


"I know you can afford it," said Craig.

"That's not the point, Boy. You need to get your hands dirty. So far, you don't have a durn thing invested in this proj


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Elizabeth Ziemba

Horrible. Not even close to considerable in terms of readability--"C" level or below. The characterizations are simplistic, the dialogue rings totally false... ah, geez, never mind--the whole thing is a *mess*.


a good read. the modern day baptist version of harry kemelman's 'rabbi' series .


Read the 4 in this series. Brilliant books, great stories will have you eager to read more...


Ive read all 4 in this series and hats off to the Author, brilliant books.. shame there is not more.. great stories!!

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