I've Been Thinking

Or, the Secret of Success

Published: 1850
Language: English
Wordcount: 128,805 / 351 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 77.2
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tached to their poor house for him to cultivate; there was no work in the vicinity that he could get; and the boat, by means of which he could procure their supply from the water, he was obliged to borrow.

Sam was now about sixteen years of age; a good-looking fellow he was too, although his clothes were old and patched; his hair was black as a coal, and very much disposed to curl; he had a good open countenance, very bright black eyes, and a fine nut-brown complexion. As we shall learn his character in the progress of our story, it will not be necessary to describe him any closer at present.

On the day that Jim and Ned had been so successful in obtaining the consent of their mother to put their plan into execution, Sam had experienced a severe trial: his father had indulged more freely his dreadful appetite, and although in general kind to his family, had begun to manifest a morose and sullen temper.

Sam's mother was a good-natured, inoffensive woman, always endeavouring to make the best


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really well thought book,sincere characters,and the ol feel good element.is a bit of a drag after about 3/4th of it,yet comes back with a good ending.
definitely worth a read!!!!

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