New and Original Theories of the Great Physical Forces

Published: 1878
Language: English
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In this little volume the author gives but his own personal opinions upon the subjects discussed, and although the sentiments are expressed with an assurance born of conviction, yet he claims not infallibility.He has ever been unable to accept the usual explanations of the great physical forces; and the inadequacies of mooted theories have impelled him to efforts for more philosophical interpretations. If in his investigations he has been forced to strange and unusual conclusions, he has been actuated only by an honest desire to promote the advancement of science.

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he reply is clear and unquestionable. The supernatural must necessarily be a part of the Divine Essence, and consequently intangible. Not so the subjects of our inquiry. They are natural products, therefore, and the result of the operation of some power commensurate with the stupendousness of their manifestations.

Sunlight and Sun-heat.

In the forces, light, and heat, what immensity of power is represented! Strangely enough we have ever imagined these forces to be the unaided work of the sun, as though that luminary could be capable of sending forth in undiminished exuberance, such marvels of force, during all the ages, and remain itself unexhausted!

The Great Law of Conservation of Force.

But how speaks the law of conservation, that law most enduring, and most inexorable? According to the decrees of that law, whatever is received by the earth from the sun, an equivalent for the same must again be returned from the earth to the sun, to the utterm

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