Charlotte Temple

Author: Susanna Rowson
Language: English
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 61.6
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former; and they sauntered out to view the town, and to make remarks on the inhabitants, as they returned from church.

Montraville was a Lieutenant in the army: Belcour was his brother officer: they had been to take leave of their friends previous to their departure for America, and were now returning to Portsmouth, where the troops waited orders for embarkation. They had stopped at Chichester to dine; and knowing they had sufficient time to reach the place of destination before dark, and yet allow them a walk, had resolved, it being Sunday afternoon, to take a survey of the Chichester ladies as they returned from their devotions.

They had gratified their curiosity, and were preparing to return to the inn without honouring any of the belles with particular notice, when Madame Du Pont, at the head of her school, descended from the church. Such an assemblage of youth and innocence naturally attracted the young soldiers: they stopped; and, as the little cavalcade passed, almost involuntarily pulled off


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Young Charlotte Temple is seduced by the vile Montraville and it ruins both of their lives though Charlotte gets it worse than he does.There's a double standard where men can seduce women and are "sowing their wild oats" while the women are branded as harlots.While I think Charlotte was very gullible I also think that Montraville shouldn't have left her while she was pregnant and get married to Julia.I did not particularly like this book.

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