Memoirs of Louis XIV, vol 3

Language: English
Wordcount: 25,673 / 79 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 70.6
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Genre: Biography
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with Apoplexy.--The News Carried to Marly.--How Received by the King.--Death of Monsieur.--Various Forms of Grief.--The Duc de Chartres.


The Dead Soon Forgotten.--Feelings of Madame de Maintenon.--And of the Duc de Chartres.--Of the Courtiers.--Madame's Mode of Life.--Character of Monsieur.--Anecdote of M. le Prince.--Strange Interview of Madame de Maintenon with Madame.--Mourning at Court.--Death of Henriette d'Angleterre.--A Poisoning Scene.--The King and the Accomplice.


Scandalous Adventure of the Abbesse de la Joye.--Anecdote of Madame de Saint-Herem.--Death of James II. and Recognition of His Son.--Alliance against France.--Scene at St. Maur.--Balls and Plays.--The "Electra" of Longepierre--Romantic Adventures of the Abbe de Vatterville.


Changes in the Army.--I Leave the Service.--Annoyance of the King.--The Medallic History of

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