Memoirs of Louis XIV, vol 6

Language: English
Wordcount: 29,354 / 89 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 76.6
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Genre: Biography
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Equivocal Position of the Duc de Bourgogne.--His Weak Conduct.-- Concealment of a Battle from the King.--Return of the Duc de Bourgogne to Court.--Incidents of His Reception.--Monseigneur.--Reception of the Duc de Berry.--Behaviour of the Duc de Bourgogne.--Anecdotes of Gamaches.-- Return of Vendome to Court.--His Star Begins to Wane.--Contrast of Boufflers and Vendome.--Chamillart's Project for Retaking Lille.--How It Was Defeated by Madame de Maintenon.


Tremendous Cold in France.--Winters of 1708-1709--Financiers and the Famine.--Interference of the Parliaments of Paris and Dijon.--Dreadful Oppression.--Misery of the People.--New Taxes.--Forced Labour.--General Ruin.--Increased Misfortunes.--Threatened Regicide.--Procession of Saint Genevieve.--Offerings of Plate to the King.--Discontent of the People.-- A Bread Riot, How Appeased.


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