Memoirs of Louis XIV, vol 11

Language: English
Wordcount: 32,533 / 97 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 56
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Genre: Biography
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adame de Maintenon.


The Young King's Cold.--'Lettres des Cachet' Revived.--A Melancholy Story.--A Loan from Crosat.--Retrenchments.--Unpaid Ambassadors.--Council of the Regency.--Influence of Lord Stair.--The Pretender.--His Departure from Bar.--Colonel Douglas.--The Pursuit.--Adventure at Nonancourt.--Its Upshot.--Madame l'Hospital.--Ingratitude of the Pretender.


Behaviour of the Duchesse de Berry.--Her Arrogance Checked by Public Opinion.--Walls up the Luxembourg Garden.--La Muette.--Her Strange Amour with Rion.--Extraordinary Details.--The Duchess at the Carmelites.-- Weakness of the Regent.--His Daily Round of Life.--His Suppers.-- How He Squandered His Time.--His Impenetrability.--Scandal of His Life.-- Public Balls at the Opera.


First Appearance of Law.--His Banking Project Supported by the Regent.-- Discussed by the Regent

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