Fresh Light from the Ancient Monuments

A Sketch of the Most Striking Confirmations of the Bible, From Recent Discoveries in: Egypt. Palestine. Assyria. Babylonia. Asia Minor

Published: 1884
Language: English
Wordcount: 49,867 / 150 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 40.4
LoC Categories: DE, BL
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Genres: History, Religion

ens that the signification of a previously unknown Assyrian word can be ascertained by our finding it given as the rendering of an Accadian word, with the meaning of which we are already acquainted. The bilingual texts have not only enabled scholars to recover the long-forgotten Accadian language; they have also been of the greatest possible assistance to them in their reconstruction of the Assyrian dictionary itself.

The three expeditions conducted by Mr. George Smith, as well as the later ones of Mr. Hormuzd Rassam, have added largely to the stock of tablets from Kouyunjik originally acquired for the British Museum by Sir A. H. Layard, and have also brought to light a few other tablets from the libraries of Babylonia. Although, therefore, only one of the many libraries which now lie buried beneath the ground in Babylonia and Assyria has, as yet, been at all adequately explored, the amount of Assyrian literature at the disposal of the student is already greater than that contained in the whole of the

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