Pirates of the Gorm

Published: 1932
Language: English
Wordcount: 10,947 / 39 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 82.1
LoC Category: PS
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The trail of vanished space ships leads Grant Pemberton to a marvellous lake of fire.

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He ignored her question. "The first thing we've got to do is find out where we are." His flash sought the window switch and found it. He went over and pressed it. A section of the beryllium-steel casing slid smoothly open, disclosing a thick flawless quartzite port. He stared out at the dark pattern of space. Long he gazed, then a stifled exclamation reached the girl.

"What is it?" she cried.

"Come and look," he told her gravely, and made room for her.

* * * * *

At first she saw only the unwinking stars of space. Then her eyes shifted forward. Jupiter lay ahead, a vast cloud-girt disk. It was ominously near. Somehow it gave the effect of rushing straight at her.

Right along the equator floated, or seemed to float, a huge red oval--the Great Red Spot of Jupiter. She had heard of it before. But what caught her immediate attention was a tiny flare of intense illumination, right in the very heart of the Spot. Bright orange it was, tinged with yellow, dazzling even at


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Paulo Respighi

As the title might suggest, this is a space opera. The hero works for the Interstellar Secret Service, and his job is to find out why spaceliners were disappearing without a trace near Jupiter. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Earthmen, Martians, Ganymedans, and Venusians die in the course of the story, but that's just too bad. Along the way, the hero picks up a love interest.

It's a pulp story, with remarkable inventions that never get explained. Don't expect more than that.

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