Ekkehard. Vol. I (of II)

A Tale of the Tenth Century

Published: 1872
Language: English
Wordcount: 78,924 / 241 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 51.7
LoC Category: PZ
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A novel that takes place in a world of cloisters and philosophy. This first part has a long preface by the author where he explains the controversiality of bringing these kinds of stories into the German history.

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ss, and finally climbed the airy Alpine heights of the Saentis, where the "Wildkirchlein" hangs like an eagle's nest over the green valley of Appenzell. There, in the wards of the "Suabian Sea," mind and soul filled with the life of bygone generations; the heart refreshed by warm sunshine and balmy mountain air, I first sketched and then completed the greater part of this story.

That not much has been said therein, which is not founded on conscientious historical studies, can be boldly asserted; though persons and dates have sometimes been dealt with a little freely. The poet, in order to enhance the inward harmony of his work, may occasionally take liberties which would be most blameworthy, if indulged in by the strict historian. And yet the great historian Macaulay himself says: "I shall cheerfully bear the reproach of having descended below the dignity of history if I can succeed in placing before the English of the 19th century, a true picture of the life of their ancestors."

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