Watch the Sky

Published: 1962
Language: English
Wordcount: 9,164 / 34 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 76.7
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 2,310
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It's one thing to try to get away with what youbelieve to be a lie and be caught at it—and something different, and far worsesometimes, to find it isn't a lie ...

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ed in to Roye?" Phil asked. He'd swallowed half the drink Celia offered him at a gulp and now, a few minutes later, he was experiencing what might have been under different circumstances a comfortable glow, but which didn't entirely erase the awareness of having committed himself at this hour to an irrevocable line of action.

Celia stroked a fluffy lock of red-brown hair back from her forehead and glanced over at him. She had a narrow, pretty face, marred only by a suggestion of hardness about the mouth--which was a little more than ordinarily noticeable just now. Phil decided she felt something like his own tensions, for identical reasons. He was less certain about Major Wayne Jackson, a big, loose-jointed man with an easy-going smile and a pleasantly self-assured voice. The voice might be veering a trifle too far to the hearty side; but that was all.

"I didn't," Celia said. "It belonged to Frank. How he got it shipped in with him--or after him--from Earth I don't know. He never told me. When h


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Sardo Weems

I'm completely unable to see how the failed interstellar con job that makes up most of this story is linked to the results on the last page of the story. Huh?

The characters are all pretty indistinct, you tell them apart by their names. The plotting is okay, but the leap to the ending is baffling.

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