Six Letters From the Colonies

Author: Robert Seaton
Published: 1886
Language: English
Wordcount: 24,327 / 75 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 68.6
LoC Categories: GV, D
Downloads: 341
Added to site: 2009.08.05 24911
Genres: Travel, History

s to killing the albatross--in fact, it would be misplaced. The captain told us of a case he knew of where a man had fallen overboard, when the albatrosses swooped down upon him, and pecked out his eyes and brains. The sailors begged the captain to shoot him and so end his sufferings. The quills of the albatross make excellent pipe stems, and the skin of the webbed feet is used for tobacco pouches. But the chief thing about the bird is, of course, the snowy down on the breast, of which ladies' muffs are made. The Zoological Society in Regent's Park offer a reward of £100 for a live albatross or black cockatoo, but it has never been earned, though the attempt to carry them to England has often been made, for the albatross cannot live through the tropics.

During the last fortnight of the voyage the weather became very cold for the latitude we were in. The point reached furthest south was 42°42' which is about the same as the north of Spain, but the thermometer was 49 degrees all day. It is, how

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