A Forgotten Empire: Vijayanagar

A Contribution to the History of India

Author: Robert Sewell
Language: English
Wordcount: 138,130 / 398 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 50.6
LoC Category: D
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Genre: History

Since the first DECADA of Barros was published in 1552,[3] this argument is not unreasonable; while a comparison between the accounts given by Nuniz and Barros of the siege and battle of Raichur sufficiently proves that one was taken from the other. But we have fortunately more direct evidence, for the discovery of which we have to thank Mr. Ferguson. I have mentioned above that at the end of the MS. volume are copies of two letters concerning China. These were written subsequent to the year 1520 by Vasco Calvo and Christovao Vieyra. Mr. Ferguson has pointed out to me that, in the third DECADA (liv. IV, caps. 4, 5), after quoting some passages almost verbatim from this chronicle of Nuniz regarding Vijayanagar, Barros writes: "According to two letters which our people had two or three years afterwards from these two men, Vasco Calvo, brother of Diogo Calvo, and Christovao Vieyra, who were prisoners in Canton, etc...." He also mentions these letters in two subsequent passages, and quotes from them. This r


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I read a book called \"A Forgotten Empire\" wrote by \"Robert Sewell\" which was translated in Telugu language.It is very interestig book and was lanchued on compliting 500 years of the cermony called \"Pattabishekam\" of emporer sree krishna deva rayalu.Thank you for traslating in to Telugu which was my mother tongue.
Thank you for the author and Translators.This book is useful to all.

This book is very interesting to know about our history.My native place is \"ADONI\" which was in mighty \"vijayanagara empire\".According to this book : The unforgettable emperor of the forgotten empire is \"sree krishna Deva rayalu\".He was the hero at that time and today also.
Thank you for this good book.It is helpful to know our ancestor\'s life.

V.Sree Ramana

very good book.

Pavan Adoni

Very good, having born and brought up in the region of this empire, this book elaborately described how my ancestors might have lived. Nostalgic.



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