The Dope on Mars

Published: 1960
Language: English
Wordcount: 6,388 / 25 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 85.1
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Somebody had to get the human angle on this trip ... but what was humane about sending me?

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of maybe ten, huddling behind a boulder in ambush), he fired, but the shots either bounced off their scales or stuck in their thick hides. Anyway, they took the rifles away and threw them into the stream, and picked us all up and took us into a hole in the cliff wall. The hole went on practically forever, but it didn't get dark. Kroger tells me that there are phosphorescent bacteria living in the mold on the walls. The air has a fresh-dug-grave smell, but it's richer in oxygen than even at the stream.

We're in a small cave that is just off a bigger cave where lots of tunnels come together. I can't remember which one we came in through, and neither can anyone else. Jones asked me what the hell I kept writing in the diary for, did I want to make it a gift to Martian archeologists? But I said where there's life there's hope, and now he won't talk to me. I congratulated Kroger on the lichen I'd seen, but he just said a short and unscientific word and went to sleep.

There's a Martian guarding the ent


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Paulo Respighi

For some reason, a writer is included on the first trip to Mars, and he provides the diary of the trip, which launches in 1960.

The science seems okay, with a few oddities, such as the back of the moon never having been seen. The story is only okay, nothing too original or imaginative about it.

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