Poor Man's Rock

Published: 1920
Language: English
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ty foam. If he had grounded anywhere in that mile of headland north of Point Old, his bones would have been broken like the timbers of his sloop.

But his eyes did not linger there nor his thoughts upon shipwreck and sudden death. His gaze turned across the Gulf to a tongue of land outthrusting from the long purple reach of Vancouver Island. Behind that point lay the Morton estate, and beside the Morton boundaries, matching them mile for mile in wealth of virgin timber and fertile meadow, spread the Gower lands.

His face, streaked and blotched with drying bloodstains, scarred with a red gash that split his cheek from the hair above one ear to a corner of his mouth, hardened into ugly lines. His eyes burned again.

This happened many years ago, long before a harassed world had to reckon with bourgeois and Bolshevik, when profiteer and pacifist had not yet become words to fill the mouths of men, and not even the politicians had thought of saving the world for democracy. Yet men and women were strangely a


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Henry L. Ratliff

Your father dies on the night you return from the war. You learn of the man who has been your fathers nemesis and who has legally taken your land on the small island, where you grew up. This man gained his fortune from his ruthless business practices in the Salmon fishing industry. You plan revenge on him, legal, yet just as ruthless.

There is only one drawback, his beautiful daughter.

Poor Man's Rock: A small bairn rock in the bay, which provides a meager living for those Salmon fisherman, who cannot afford a motorized boat. They must row a small boat and hand catch the few Salmon they get. The rock is poor, and the living is poor.

Once again, the author cleverly led me to a wrong expected ending.

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