The Color Line

A Brief in Behalf of the Unborn

Published: 1905
Language: English
Wordcount: 55,929 / 176 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 56.4
LoC Category: E
Downloads: 388
Added to site: 2011.07.07 30343
Genre: History

r no possible check could be given to this process once established. Remove the barrier between two streams flowing side by side--immediately they begin to mingle their molecules; in vain you attempt to replace it. Not even ten legions of Clerk Maxwell's demons could ever sift them out and restore the streams to their original purity. The moment the bar of absolute separation is thrown down in the South, that moment the bloom of her spirit is blighted forever, the promise of her destiny is annulled, the proud fabric of her future slips into dust and ashes. No other conceivable disaster that might befall the South could, for an instant, compare with such miscegenation within her borders. Flood and fire, fever and famine and the sword--even ignorance, indolence, and carpet-baggery--she may endure and conquer while her blood remains pure; but once taint the well-spring of her life, and all is lost--even honour itself. It is this immediate jewel of her soul that the South watches with such a dragon eye, that she

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