The River Prophet

Published: 1918
Language: English
Wordcount: 69,378 / 204 pg
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A story of genuine Mississippi river life. Especially interesting in characterization and setting for those who know the scene.

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Part of the Carline fortune was in unregistered stocks and bonds, and when Gus Carline returned from the widow's one day he found that Nelia was in great good humour, more attractive than he had ever known her, and so very pleasant during the two days of his headache that he was willing to do anything she asked.

She asked him to have a good time with her, and put down on the table before him a filled punch bowl and two glasses. He had never known the refinements of intoxicating liquors. Now he found them in his own home, and for a while forgot all else.

He sang, danced, laughed and, in due course, signed a number of papers, receipts, bills and checks to settle up some accounts. These were sort of hit-or-miss, between-the-acts affairs, to which he paid little attention.

To Nelia, however, they represented a rite as valid as any solemn court procedure could be, for to her river-trained instinct there was no moral question as to the justice of her claim upon a part of Carline's fortune.


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Henry L. Ratliff

Plot bullets

  • Self made back woods, river preacher (the prophet) trying to find himself and a poor widows son gone bad.
  • Wife fleeing husband
  • Husband following wife
  • Newspaper reporter posting stories for his news paper, back east
  • River pirates
  • All on the Mississippi, floating down to meet their destinies/
  • Great insight to the Mississippi, a hundred years ago.

All these lives keep getting inter mingled, with a some what predictable ending.

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