Honorable Spy

Exposing Japanese Military Intrigue in the United States

Author: John L. Spivak
Published: 1939
Language: English
Wordcount: 28,429 / 85 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 80.1
LoC Category: JZ
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In this small volume I consider a few aspects of espionage and what seem to be preparations for sabotaging the peace and security of the United States by secret Japanese agents who have frequently been working with Nazi agents. The area studied is only one strategic center of American defense, and by the very nature of the subject this study is incomplete even as a sketchy outline. It is offered only as an indication of what one of the aggressor powers is doing.

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He stared out of the window at San Francisco stretched below us. "Just to check," he said uncertainly. "Just to be sure somebody dosn't try to misuse the credentials in any way."

"If it's only to check, why sign reports with secret code numbers? What kind of reports do you expect?"

"Well you see they don't have to send any in unless there's something special to report."

"Then what you're actually building is an intelligence service as well as a secret army?"

"It's not a secret army" he began.

"What would you call it code numbers, confidential reports, secrecy as to its backers and those who finance it. I believe you're spending a lot of money for printing, mailing, sending out organizers and maintaining offices in San Francisco and Washington, D. C. Who's putting up all that money?"

"Say!" he exploded. "Why do I have to answer these questions?"

I ignored the query and continued taking detailed notes on his typewri


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I live in Calif. and had no idea about the Japanese military espionage going on in California and Mexico. We're lucky they weren't able to carry out their intrigues. This was well written.

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