The Blood Ship

Author: Norman Springer
Published: 1922
Language: English
Wordcount: 73,607 / 207 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 80
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 2,931
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A former convict attempts to avenge himself on the sea captain who kidnapped his wife and daughter and framed him for murder.

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n I leaned over and placed my number nine brogan firmly upon that writing guy's kid-clad foot, and held him in speechless agony for a moment, while Captain Shreve got his yarn fairly launched.


Then, if I must have a beginning for the yarn (said Captain Shreve), I'll begin with that morning, in this very port of San Francisco, when I walked out of the Shipping Commissioner's office with my first A.B.'s discharge in my hand, and a twelve months' pay-day jingling in my pocket. For I must explain something of my state of mind on that morning, so you will understand how I got Into Yankee Swope's blood-ship.

It was the heyday of the crimps, and I walked through the very heart of crimpdom, along the old East street. It is not a very prepossessing thoroughfare even to-day, when it masquerades as the Embarcadero, a sinner reformed. In those days, when it was just East street, it consisted of solid blocks of ramshackle frame buildings, that housed all the var


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One of the best nautical novels I have found on this site. A young sailor attempts to prove himself by enlisting for a commercial voyage on a tough ship, and finds more trouble than he bargained for.

Colt Mace

Excellent book, I have reread it many times since I was a kid. His other books are equally as good

Very nice piece of work re life on a clipper hell-ship with a psychotic and murderous captain.

Wonderful sea story about life on a clipper ship. I was saddened to finish this great book.

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