What Sami Sings with the Birds

Author: Johanna Spyri
Published: 1917
Language: English
Wordcount: 16,725 / 52 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 86.6
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 425
mnybks.net#: 6571
Genre: Young Readers

Translated by Helen B. Dole.

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hours, won't we, really?"

"Yes, indeed," assented his grandmother, "we will stay there long enough to get well rested and enjoy ourselves; but when the sun goes down and it grows dark, then we will go. Then all the little birds are silent in the trees and the old night-owl begins to hoot."

This seemed right to Sami, for he didn't want to hear the old owl hoot. Now they had reached the wall. A cool shadow was lying on it; below the fresh brook murmured, and up in the ash-trees the birds piped and sang merrily together and one kept singing very distinctly:

"Sing too! Sing too!"

Sami listened. Suddenly he lifted up his voice and sang as loud and lustily as the birds above, the whole song that his grandmother had taught him:

Last night Summer breezes blew:-- All the flowers awake anew, Open wide their eyes to see, Nodding, bowing in their glee.

All the merry birds we hear Greet the sunshine bright and clear; See them flitting thru the sky, Singing low and singing high!

Flowers in Summer warmt

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