The Pools of Silence

Published: 1910
Language: English
Wordcount: 76,192 / 221 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 74.4
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A story of big game shooting in the rubber-producing part of Africa that provides a fearless criticism of things done in the name of civilization, and makes daring statements about the late King Leopold of the Belgians.

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was the last man Berselius killed."

"Silence," said Thénard, then turning to Adams, "Berselius is a perfectly straight man. On these hunting expeditions of his he invariably takes a doctor with him; he is not a man who fears death in the least, but he has had bitter experience of being without medical assistance, so he takes a doctor. He pays well and is entirely to be trusted to do the right thing, as far as money goes. On that side the contract is all right. But there is another side--the character of Berselius. A man, to be the companion of Captain Berselius, needs to be big and strong in body and mind, or he would be crushed by the hand of Captain Berselius. Yes, he is a terrible man in a way--un homme affreux--a man of the tiger type--and he is going to the country of the big baboons, where there is the freedom of action that the soul of such a man desires----"

"In fact," said Adams, "he is a villain, this Captain Berselius?"

"Oh, no," said Thénard, "not in the


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R Frank

Just a bit of a warning. This book contains descriptions of graphic violence, including against children. It is essential to the story; nonetheless it can be very disturbing.

The author's writing is, as always, very good, and it's a powerful story that needed to be told.

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