Jailed for Freedom

Author: Doris Stevens
Language: English
Wordcount: 116,918 / 350 pg
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This book deals with the intensive campaign of the militant suffragists of America [1913-1919] to win a solitary thing - the passage by Congress of the national suffrage amendment enfranchising women. It is the story of the first organized militant, political action in America to this end.

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Chapter 1

A Militant Pioneer-Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was the first militant suffragist. She has been so long proclaimed only as the magnificent pioneer that few realize that she was the first woman to defy the law for the political liberty of her sex.

The militant spirit was in her many early protests. Sometimes these protests were supported by one or two followers; more often they were solitary protests. Perhaps it is because of their isolation that they stand out so strong and beautiful in a turbulent time in our history when all those about her were making compromises.

It was this spirit which impelled her to keep alive the cause of the enfranchisement of women during the passionate years of the Civil War. She held to the last possible moment that no national exigency was great enough to warrant abandonment of woman's fight for independence. But one by one her followers deserted her. She was unable to keep even a tiny handful steadfast to this position. She became finally the only figure in the nation appealing for the rights of women when the rights of black men were agitating the public mind. Ardent abolitionist as she was, she could not tolerate without indignant protest the exclusion of women


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Faith Hammond

Awesome book. Ever since I saw the movie Iron Jawed angels I've been very interested in the whole story about how women got their right to vote.

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