Letters on an Elk Hunt

Published: 1915
Language: English
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The "Woman Homesteader" here writes of their adventures from the starting on the elk hunt, the journey of three hundred miles to the reserve, the exciting hunt and the trip home laden with spoils. Of course the story is livened with human touches and experiences along the way.

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ct of his company. Mr. Haynes and his friend Mr. Struble on their wagon led the way, then we followed, and after us came Mrs. O'Shaughnessy, and Miss Hull brought up the rear, with the professor riding horseback beside first one wagon and then another.

So we set out. There was a great jangling and banging, for our tin camp-stoves kept the noise going. Neither the children nor I can ride under cover on a wagon, we get so sick; so there we were, perched high up on great rolls of bedding and a tent. I reckon we looked funny to the "onlookers looking on" as we clattered down the street; but we were off and that meant a heap.

All the morning our way lay up the beautiful river, past the great red cliffs and through tiny green parks, but just before noon the road wound itself up on to the mesa, which is really the beginning of the desert. We crowded into the shadow of the wagons to eat our midday meal; but we could not stop long, because it was twenty-eight miles to where we could get water for the hor


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What a wonerful story. If you like the woman homesteader, you will like these adventures of Elinore too.

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