The Man Who Couldn't Sleep

Author: Arthur Stringer
Published: 1919
Language: English
Wordcount: 92,134 / 266 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 84.1
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 6,073
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Ten adventures started by a midnight excursion in New York, which move along in a lively, easy manner, with many ingenious and clever features.

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re known as Social Obligation had forged his links and fetters about my movements. More than ever, I saw, I had my end to keep up. What should have been a recreation had become almost a treadmill. I was a pretender, and had my pretense to sustain. I couldn't afford to be "dropped." I had my frontiers to protect, and my powers to placate. I couldn't ask Mary to throw herself away on a nobody. So instead of trying to keep up one end, I tried to keep up two. I continued to bob about the fringes of the Four Hundred. And I continued to cling hungrily to Mary's hint about doing work, gloriously big work.

But gloriously big work, I discovered, was usually done by lonely men, living simply and quietly, and dwelling aloof from the frivolous side-issues of life, divorced from the distractions of a city which seemed organized for only the idler and the lotos-eater. And I could see that the pay-dirt coming out of Alaska was running thinner and thinner.

It was to remedy this, I suppose, that I dined with my


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Henry L. Ratliff

(1919)Mystery / Adventure

R: *****

Plot bullets

  • A man cursed by insomnia. After sleepless nights, he takes to that same night to release boredom and finds adventure.

    o Chapter I - RUNNING OUT OF PAY-DIRT -
    Possible manslaughter

    o Chapter 2 -
    Burglary and murder

    o Chapter 3 - THE STOLEN WHEEL-CODE -

    o Chapter 4 - THE OPEN DOOR -
    Burglary and marriage council ling

    o Chapter 5 - THE MAN FROM MEDICINE HAT -
    Suicide prevention

    Detective work

    o Chapter 7 - THE PANAMA GOLD CHESTS -
    Investigator, of sorts

    o Chapter 8 - THE DUMMY-CHUCKER -
    Confidence game

    o Chapter 9 - A RIALTO RAIN-STORM -
    A jewel robbery?

    o Chapter 10 - THE THUMB-TAP CLUE -
    A Psychiatrist of sorts

    o Chapter 11 - THE NILE-GREEN ROADSTER -
    Finalize a manslaughter case.

A very clever way to put a man into a variety of adventures.

amazing! this was inspirate my life.

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